Govinda Menu

Govinda's menu rotates daily for a unique combination of authentic Indian food for you to sample every day. Stop by to see our offerings. Our food is made fresh daily with love and devotion.


Thalis (Plates) - $8

Govinda offers Indian style plates that consist of 7 delicious items. 

In a Govinda Thali or Krishna Lunch expect items such as:

  1. Lentil or beans (Dal/Chana)

  2. Rice

  3. Vegetables (Subji)

  4. Bread (Roti/Puri)

  5. Snack (Pakora/Samosa)

  6. Salad

  7. Sweet

You will enjoy them satisfaction guaranteed! Available in vegan or vegetarian versions.


Appetizers or Single Dishes- $4.75

Order larger portions of your favorite savory dishes featured in the daily Thali, daily specials, or an appetizer pack to share! Item selection varies daily.



Subji (Vegetable)

Pakora (3)

Samosas (3)

Roti or Puri (3)


Indian Pasta Salad



Sweets - $4.75

Authentic indians sweets and pastries made fresh and sold in multipacks for only $4. Expects favorites like:

Gulab Jamuns- Non-Vegan. milk powder, sugar, vegetable oil, cream, whole wheat. rolled in coconut. 

Coconut Laddo - Vegan. coconut, sugar.

Jagannath Tongues (Thors) - Vegan. Whole wheat all purpose flour, sugar, vegetable oil.

Devadas - Vegan. Whole wheat all purpose flour, sugar, vegetable oil.

Govinda's Famous Cookies- Peanut butter base

Halwa - Vegan. sooji semolina, sugar, oil, rasins, assorted fruit depending on the day